Puppy Kindergarten
(8-18 weeks of age)

Puppy Training – this is the most important class your dog will ever attend. Our fun-filled 6-week puppy class features ample off-leash socialization and provides a strong foundation in basic training. We’ve been teaching Puppy Kindergarten classes for over a decade and have worked with thousands of puppies. We keep current in the latest developments in puppy training/behavior and we are excited to share this information with you. Class meets for 1-hr, once a week and includes a Puppy Training Packet, the 74-minute Urban Dawgs Training DVD, Dedicated Organized Gentle™ and weekly homework. The first class is an orientation without puppies. Pre-registration and attendance of orientation are required.

Overview Of Our Offerings
  • Basics: Sit, Down, Stay, Leave-It, Touch, Wait at Doors, etc.
  • Building Better Response Around Distractions
  • Coming When Called
  • Confidence Building
  • Dealing with Puppy Biting/Nipping
  • Establishing a Daily Routine
  • Fast-tracking House training/Chew Training
  • Leash Walking (tips on dealing with pulling, not walking, biting the leash)
  • Preparing for Adolescence
  • Preventing Common Behavior Problems (request barking, jumping up, etc.)
  • Socialization (Dogs, People, Places, Things, Sounds, Sights, etc.)
  • Teaching Your Puppy to Love Handling & Gentle Restraint
Puppy Kindergarten Policy

Puppies must be 8-18 weeks of age. Proof that your puppy is up-to-date with vaccinations (minimum 1st round of vaccinations plus 7 days to allow shots to take effect) must be provided before the first class session with dogs in order to participate. Attendance of the orientation (without puppies) is required in order to participate in classes with puppies.

Enroll In Puppy Kindergarten

If you are ready to enroll your puppy, the first step is to submit our online contact form.