Our Clients Talk About Us…

Oh my. Let’s just take a moment to celebrate. What are we celebrating? YOU! Man, if only all of us dog trainers had half your passion, dedication, self-reflection and pushed the dog world to be better, it would be in an awesome place. Seriously – thank you from all the dogs and people you have helped and will help in your life.

Peta Clarke

World Renowned Dog Trainer

… I just want to thank you so much for the great videos you make. I send your Leash Reactivity Less Stress More Success to clients all the time. As well, I have started doing a 2-hour class on Dog Behavior: Science vs. Myths. I do this as “people only” education and a fundraiser for local rescue groups and I show your Heavy Hand Myth video. My passion is educating and empowering people with the information they need to train and ensure they create and maintain a loving trust bond with their dogs and you help me achieve that! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carol Lynn Neil

Educator and Fundraiser

Urban Dawgs “Board and Train” gave Tique a real springboard for the continuation of his training. Prior to this experience we had reached a plateau. Now he has a solid foundation with which to work. All his basic commands have become much more consistent. We are increasing the level of difficulty of his tasks and have begun to work on some of the fun things. It won’t be long and he’ll be bringing us the morning newspaper! I think he had a really good time too.

Kathleen G

Client - Rumson, NJ

My name is Nicole Wright and my husband Greg and I attended your pit bull advocacy and dog play seminar back in October. I just wanted to say thanks again for putting together such a unique, valuable seminar! I’m always looking to get more experience with behavior and training, and I feel like dog play is one of the areas where I struggle to find many educational opportunities, so I was thrilled to attend.

I loved your proactive approach of using cues and prompts to encourage disengagements. Also, the idea that in certain cases it may be helpful to mitigate one dog’s weight has already been useful to me (and my dog Luna)! In fact, whenever I’m involved with dog play I find myself thinking back to your seminar and the ideas you both presented. Greg and I have talked about the info multiple times since, and after some recent play sessions, I’ve said things like “I probably wouldn’t have thought to do [this or that] if we hadn’t been to the seminar!”.

I can read about dog play all day but it doesn’t quite compare to seeing it being shaped in person. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and skills!

On a side note, I enjoy the videos on your you tube page, particularly the Brandi and Nancy leash reactivity ones!

Thanks so much!

Nicole Wright

In my 40+ year career in dog behavior and training, I have met thousands of trainers from all over the globe. Drayton Michaels of Urban Dawgs has raised the bar of professionalism in Pet Dog Training and he is most certainly among the top in the field. His passion and commitment to dogs and their people is unmatched. Under his guidance and expertise, dogs shine, and their people learn how to truly communicate with their dogs.”

Dr. Ian Dunbar, BSc, BVetMed, MRCVS, PhD, CPDT

Founder of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Thanks, Drayton. You were a huge help. I’ve already had two successful walks doing all you trained me to do and it was 100% effective. Now I just have to keep it up! I think June wants to not be reactive–she almost seems relieved that I am sheltering her from these evils out there. Thanks again for your help.

Debbie & June

Lucky is doing FANTASTIC! The mouthing is almost non-existent. He will have a moment once In a while but we just tell him “oops” and back away and it ends it. The time outs to stop him are also just about non-existent.

He is doing great on sitting on command and with waiting on doors. We even have him to the point where we ask him to wait and he won’t move until we say it’s ok. This works great when placing his food and when putting a toy directly in front of him. It’s amazing.

He has done amazing with the leave it cue. He drops all toys on command and does great. We take him on walks regularly and found a tennis court where I take him to run around. With regards to walks, he doesn’t bark, growl, or try and lunge at them.

All in all He is doing great and we are extremely happy with the results. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for your help and advice; It has been a tremendous help

Sal & Lucky

“New Jersey dogs and their families are exceedingly lucky to have at their disposal one of the foremost talents in the country, Drayton Michaels. He has the rare combination of theoretical knowledge of behavior and learning principles, flawless mechanics of training, as well as empathy for and ability to communicate to owners.”

Jean Donaldson (author, The Culture Clash)

Director of the Academy for Dog Trainers at the San Francisco SPCA

I just wanted to extend our thanks and let you know how pleased we were with the entire evening. Cathy and I (along with her parents) learned more than we ever imagined; from diet to training, you covered everything wonderfully. Speaking on behalf of everyone I can safely say we all walked away with a tremendous amount of insight and enthusiasm towards applying the lessons we learned. You are a very gifted teacher and I will happily recommend you to friends and family in the area. Thanks again!

Chris & Cathy

Clients – Colts Neck, NJ

Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed our training session with you
at our home, last Saturday. We had some behaviors to address and with your guidance we saw improvement with in 24 hours! Having everyone on board and using the same cues makes all the difference. Using “OOPS!” instead of “No” gets his attention right away. We have had fewer Time Outs and using the happy voice and sounds has defused any negative behavior if someone enters the room unexpectedly.

As always we have plenty of treats on hand and continue to provide as much exercise as possible. We look forward to seeing you soon for continued “education” mostly for us! Having these training tools in our pocket and knowing what to do in different situations is empowering. Knowing that we are training instead of just correcting is setting us up for a bright future!

Bonnie and Joe


Jordan is doing really well. I have used all of your techniques and she is responding great to them. I’m very happy with her progress and I wanted to thank you for all your help. We were very impressed with you and would highly recommend you to anyone. My little girl was a pleasure before, but she is just fantastic now!!!!

Karen & Dan Z

Client - Rumson, NJ

Drayton is an invaluable teacher. I have yet to hear anyone speak as eloquently, intelligently, and reasonably about Pit Bulls.

Tracy Stewart

Author of "Do Unto Animals"

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the puppy class today! Your attention to the scientific facts and current, ever changing information, rather than old theories and ideas is very much appreciated. Your seriousness and caring attitude to the puppies and their owners really shows. I am very much looking forward to the next class.

Jeff S

Client - Fairhaven NJ

Thanks so much for your encouragement!! I have learned both management and how to initiate counter conditioning for my dog! Your videos with reactive dogs touch my heart. They give me insight into my own dog and the progress made, I’m not fearing the new, be it things, people, or other dogs. Watching a dog go over threshold then be removed from the stimulus helps reinforce my improved timing with my dog.

Michelle Nashleanas MD PhD


Thanks so much for your energy, good ideas and positive modeling. We are all having a better day. Tucker is lounging on his dog bed in an exercise pen, having finished dinner from a new big kong, and now checking out a bully stick…..content. We had a good experience socializing and everyone here is more positive tonight. We definitely want to continue more training with you.

Sandra & Family

Client - Middletown, NJ